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Sign Repair

Sign Repair

We are dedicated to creating some of the highest quality signs available in Dallas and beyond. Crafted with state-of-the-art materials, techniques, and technology, you can trust that your sign is designed perfectly, capable of being placed in the area you need it most and lasting as long as possible for its sign type and material- but signs do break down.

Weather, age, dirt, material decay, accidents – there are many issues that can damage a sign and cause the sign to break down or fail to deliver the message appropriately. We are happy to offer sign repair services specifically to assist those that need their sign fixed or restored as fast as possible. Start your service today by calling City Sign Services.

We repair all types of signs – even if we did not design them. Our sign repair services are affordable, and available right away depending on the circumstances. We work with some of the leading companies throughout Dallas and Texas, as well as with small mom-and-pop shops and local restaurants.

Sign repair is one of the services that make us stand out among other sign companies, and we are ready to show you what we can do. If you need any type of help with any of your signs. Our sign maintenance services include but are not limited to:

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The location of your sign is important for us to know what and how we will need to access the sign for service. If you have an interior sign, we may only need a small ladder to access the sign whereas if you have an exterior sign in a hard-to-reach place it may require one of our larger service trucks or cranes to make the repairs/service the sign.

The sign type is important as this will help us determine the type of service you may need. There are many types of signs, Illuminated, Non-Illuminated, Channel Letters, Cabinet Signs, Pole Sign, LED Displays, Neon Sign, Etc.. Illuminated signs will need to be turned on in order to see the outage and make repairs, night photos of the sign showing the outage are very helpful as well if obtainable. Knowing your sign type can make setting up your next service request a breeze.

The amount of time and parts required to fix your sign will all depend on the outage or issue that needs to be fixed.

  • Lighting not working or partially working
  • Exterior Pieces of the sign coming apart
  • Weather Related, Structural Stress, Bending/Tweaking

Sign Repair

Every sign has a lifespan. To extend that lifespan while also keeping your sign looking its absolute best, sign maintenance and sign repair are needed. Our team can offer these maintenance services, as we are able to make sure your sign is sending the right message and capable of lasting as long as possible. 

We can also examine your sign and make sure it is in working order, or clear off any debris that may make it difficult for others to view your sign. Whatever challenge you may have, our sign maintenance services help solve the issue quickly and efficiently.