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Our Story

About Us

Our Founder

George W. Hinds started this company with strong military morals as he founded City Sign Services in 1956 After retiring from the Army Air Force which he flew for during WWII. He was deployed in 1944 as a bombardier on a B24 bomber named “The Buzzer”, he and his crew flew more than 50 missions during WWII. We owe him and our military today the upmost respect for all they did and still do for our country.

When returning home, he decided to start a business, The American dream in most people’s opinion at the time. He started this company in the neon industry but with one crane truck for a simple installation, our crane service got its start and it took off from there. City Sign Services started as a neon company and grew into the full sign manufacturing and crane service that we are today. We keep him and where we started in mind every day and believe this is one of the many reasons we have remained a quality and recognizable name in our industry.


years of experience

Why Choose Us

Established in 1956, City Sign Services began building and designing signs for the community across the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex. Our primary goal is to amaze our clients.

Our mission

We guide our business by a universal set of principles heavily relying on collaboration, creativity, consciousness, and our commitment to assist our clients in creating a stunning product.

What You Get

What differentiates us from the competition is our 65+ years of Experience, Dedication, and Attention to detail to execute our client's vision. the goal is to provide clients with an amazing and unforgettable experience.

Throughout The Years

Our History

Early Years

When It Started

In the early years, metal signs with porcelain finishes and neon lighting were the main stay, then fluorescent lit signs with plastic faces became popular in the 60’s & 70’s, then individual letters that combined plastic faces with neon bent lighting were popularized in the 80’s.
Early Years

Into the 90's

90’s – 2000’s

After that we saw the surge of outdoor large pylon signs with incandescent message centers that were the hit of the 90’s , to now the 2000’s and beyond where we’ve seen the growth and development of the LED light source rule our industry and dominate lighting just about everywhere you look these days.
Into the 90's

What's Next

The Future

We’ve seen it all, we’ve done it all, and we can provide it all with experience and quali1y that is unsurpassed in our industry.
What's Next