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Crane Lifting

Crane Lifting

City Sign Services is a family-owned and operated crane rental company that has been serving the Dallas and Fort Worth areas for over 65 years. 

We offer timely and professional mobile crane service at the best value and in the safest manner possible, to meet and exceed our customer expectations.

At City Sign Services we take pride in our equipment and strive to keep it clean and well-maintained. Our fleet is continually changing for the better, as we add machines with the latest technology to aid in safe operations. Each crane is inspected daily by the operator, and annually by a third-party inspector.

Our team is available for all your crane rental and crane lifting services in Dallas. Our experienced team will help you to get your job completed without delay. In addition, we always put safety first to ensure the quality of the work and the safety of everyone involved is protected.

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The location of the job site, what object we are lifting, its dimensions and weight, as well as the height and reach of our boom, will need to be extended for placement.

As of today, we have a fleet that consists of a 15 Ton, an 18 Ton, a 25 Ton, and a 30 Ton.

Each driver has a CDL License, and are all Certified and Experienced Crane Operators.

We pride ourselves on doing the best to work with our customer’s schedules, as well as offering lower minimums than most crane companies to keep costs at a reasonable price.

Crane Lifting

The important thing to remember about crane lifting services is that you are hiring our team to do a job. More importantly, to get the job done right, on time, and safely.

When you are moving thousands of pounds of materials and putting them next to, on top of, or directly into major structures, there are literally hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake and that requires a lot of experience to handle it. Here’s what you get with our crane lifting service:

One of the things that we take pride in is that our crane lifting and crane rental service is dependable. We put safety first because there’s no other way to do it. Construction is not a type of work you can rush. It has to be done safely and correctly to avoid delays and other major problems.

Well-trained and experienced is important when you are working in construction. It’s not just that you can handle the routine work well, but it comes into play when there are challenges and obstacles and every builder knows that there are always unexpected challenges on a job.