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Sign Service

Sign Service

We provide the highest quality custom sign service for store fronts, office interiors, businesses, LED signs and more. From sign design to sign fabrication and sign installation, you can trust us to provide an exceptional level of service.

Attract your target market, increase your bottom line, and grow your business with impactful and effective commercial signs by a trusted Dallas signage provider, City Signs Services!

We have been an established Dallas sign company for over 65 years now, and we believe this is because we take very special care of each client we have. We work closely with them through every step of the sign-making process, from conceptualization all the way to installation. We are passionate about providing outstanding products using the best materials and the most reliable, environmentally friendly processes.

Your custom signs and graphics say a lot about what your business is, what it stands for, and the quality of service you offer. For a lot of consumers, your business sign tells them whether or not they should trust you.

We help businesses get noticed with stunning custom signage and crane service. We help them deliver a positive customer experience professional signage and supporting crane service. 

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The location of your sign is important for us to know what and how we will need to access the sign for service. If you have an interior sign, we may only need a small ladder to access the sign whereas if you have an exterior sign in a hard-to-reach place it may require one of our larger service trucks or cranes to make the repairs/service the sign.

The sign type is important as this will help us determine the type of service you may need. There are many types of signs, Illuminated, Non-Illuminated, Channel Letters, Cabinet Signs, Pole Sign, LED Displays, Neon Sign, Etc.. Illuminated signs will need to be turned on in order to see the outage and make repairs, night photos of the sign showing the outage are very helpful as well if obtainable. Knowing your sign type can make setting up your next service request a breeze.

The amount of time and parts required to fix your sign will all depend on the outage or issue that needs to be fixed.

  • Lighting not working or partially working
  • Exterior Pieces of the sign coming apart
  • Weather Related, Structural Stress, Bending/Tweaking

Sign Service

No two businesses are created alike. Who your business is, what you have to offer, and how you deliver your products or services all make you unique. It is up to you to effectively convey to your target audience just want makes you special and our custom signs will help communicate that.

Letting your eye-catching and engaging commercial signs speak for you can be the key to standing out from the crowd. We specialize in custom-crafting signs to reflect your business’s personality and to convey the message you want your target market to hear. Whether you’re a government office, restaurant, cafe, school, clinic, retail store, law firm, or any other type of business, at City Sign Services we are committed to recommending, designing, fabricating, installing, and customizing signs that support you and help you achieve your business goals.

Your business signage is also a reflection of the kind of service you offer. Invest in tastefully designed, professionally crafted, and strategically installed signs by City sign Services so that when potential customers look at your establishment, they know they can trust the quality of the products/services you provide.