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Read about our outstanding company leader

1. Please tell us shortly about yourself.

Hi, I am Anthony Robertson. I have gained a bachelor’s degree in business-related fields in 1999. I started my career at this company as a novice but over the years of successful practice, I've gradually climbed up the career ladder. Now I am a Managing Director with nearly 20 years of experience and numerous industry awards.

2. What are your hobbies?

When I am not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family. I am lucky to have a beautiful wife and two wonderful children, Jennifer and Michael. I love family dinners, various outings, and sports activities but I also have one favorite hobby. Despite the fact that it is not quite a men’s one, I am passionate about cooking. The cooking process takes my daily stress away and inspires me to create new tastes and recipes and share them with others. Every weekend I pamper my family with something special.

Where We Started


This company started with strong military morals as George W. Hinds founded City Sign Services in 1956 After retiring from the Army Air Force which he flew for during WWII. He was deployed in 1944 as a bombardier on a B24 bomber named “The Buzzer”, he and his crew flew more than 50 missions during WWII. We owe him and our military today the upmost respect for all they did and still do for our country.When returning home, he decided to start a business, The American dream in most people’s opinion at the time. He started this company in the neon industry but with one crane truck for a simple installation, our crane service got its start and it took off from there. City Sign Services started as a neon company and grew into the sign and crane service that we are today. We keep him and where we started in mind every day and believe this is one of the many reasons we have remained a quality and recognizable name in our industry.