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3914 ELM ST, DALLAS TX 75226

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LED Light Conversions Service for The Greater D/FW Area and Texas

LED Lighting Conversions Servicesin DFW and Throughout Texas

City Sign Services, Inc. is proud to offer all types of LED lighting conversions for signs and lighting. LED lighting technology has taken over the sign industry and just about every type of lighting industry there is. Let City Sign Services, Inc. come out and quote to replace your sign or parking lot light sources with new reliable and energy efficient LED lighting. City Sign Services, Inc. can replace your fluorescent lighting in your sign cabinets or your neon lighting in your channel letters with all new LED light modules that will brighten up your signs and allow them last longer and operate at a lower energy cost than ever before.


Efficiency Of LED Lighting

Why Make the Switch?

Maintenance Reduction

Cost Effective

Enhanced Even Lighting 

 Before LED bulbs, the efficiency of incandescent and fluorescent lighting was the only choice of residential and commercial lighting. Fast forward to today, LED technology has advanced faster than any type of light bulb before it. Thanks to innovations, the usage of electricity can be significantly reduced, helping the impact on the earth while providing companies a way to reduce maintenance costs at the same time. For reference, An LED light uses only 10 watts to produce what a 60-watt incandescent bulb produces. LEDs use almost all of the energy they produce for light, while the energy Incandescent bulbs emit is mainly heat.
 Making the switch to LED’s has so many benefits: Reduction of heat, significate reduction of maintenance costs, reducing and refining the amount of energy used to produce light, and the best of all it looks great too. Since the Early 2000's our company has followed along with this trend and almost all of our new signage we build is fitted with quality commercial LED lighting. We are here to assist in the process of making the switch, whether that be for a wall sign, pole sign, multi-tenant sign, parking lot lighting, etc. Give us a call today to explore the many options of LED lighting.

Environmental Impact 

Going Green 

Florescent lighting contains Mercury, so if your business would like to help lower the impact on the environment switching to LED lighting, there are several benefits. LED lighting last much longer than fluorescents, which in turn lowers the amount of harmful materials disposed of, and also greatly reduces the amount of energy you use to power your lit signage.


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